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Yesterday I was in NYC and as usual everywhere I turned there were wild looking people.  People who got up and put on crazy-looking clothes and did crazy cool incredible things to their hair and skin and faces and then headed out into the world, just being themselves.  I couldn’t stop pondering this, or noticing this, because I guess, I need such a shot in the arm right now to inspire myself to use this blog to say what I want to say.  No crazy clothes or hair required.  Just me being me through words because I want you to know what I care about.  What I see everywhere I look.

And of course, I saw it again at the theatre.  We went to see the ‘Book of Mormon’ where there were more people being themselves, dancing and singing and being incredibly silly.  People unafraid to use their talents to share their message just because they can and they want to.  I can’t say for sure what message they wanted me to get but underneath all the outrageous irreverence I heard a story about people reaching others by being responsive.  By seeing what they needed to do to be able to connect with others and lift them up.

So in case I haven’t said it already, my favorite topic is about parents, in particular, being responsive to children, no matter what they say or what they do, because I love the idea of letting people be who they are, express themselves as they will and then seeing what they have to offer the world when they are just being.