I saw the tiny shopping cart first, being pushed down the sidewalk by a little girl, followed by her mom close at hand who called out a hello to me and my dog this morning.  I love seeing this, the mom and her girl out for a stroll, just being together.  “Every day is a good day”, she exclaimed when I told her it looked like they were having fun.  Clearly she was reveling in her role.  This summer at the beach I saw another mom I really admired.  She and her two kids were playing in the sand and I stopped to talk to them.  I had to tell her she was making my day just by being there.  The opportunity to have happy experiences and to watch your kids’ imaginations let loose, to really see who they are so you can help foster their interests and dreams, is fleeting.  It is cliche, I know, but it cannot be denied that the only time is right now so why not seize the moment and build a sand castle together before the waves come to claim it?