My nephew, who is on the other side of the earth, in China, just wowed me around the world!  That is the magic of today, that he can be so far away and yet influence me as I stand making spaghetti sauce in my kitchen in Pennsylvania.  He’s inspiring to begin with just because he earned himself a yearlong scholarship at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, essentially the MIT of China, and because he travels the earth like it is America.  He called me around midnight his time, noon here, and we caught up on our respective lives.

“I started a blog and you wouldn’t like it so don’t go look at it”, I told him.  “Not so fast”, he said.  He’s 24 so he’s actually kind of smart now, and he corrected me and said he liked things I wouldn’t know about.  As an example he suggested I visit a Fresh Air interview Terry Gross conducted with Maurice Sendak the author of Where the Wild Things Are, that I’d be surprised to know moved him.  Here’s the link to it:


The author expounds on life and the blessing that getting old is.  He’s 83 now.  He talks about the sadness of watching his friends and loved ones die before him, and admits to crying for them often, yet  says he is a happy old man.  He relishes the life he has been given because he is free to work for himself.  He urges Terri, and by extension all of us, to “live your life, live your life, live your life”.

As a result of hearing his interview I felt inspired to go ahead and be a little bit more myself and post to my blog my enthusiasm for psychotherapy.  He talked about his years of therapy, alluding to his being gay as a longstanding issue among others.  He is old and offhanded about what he did in his life because he did it and its over.  He urges us to live our lives now before it is over.  I read that as do not hide yourself, show who your are, be who you are.

So, here I am.