Why does it matter if the sun comes out or if it rains today?  Unless the sun or the rain are long lost friends we wish to see again, I don’t care what the weather is because I love it all.  There is no guarantee that the sunny day will be a good one or that the rainy day will be bad.  The weather isn’t neatly related to what happens to me, at least not here in my suburban, air-conditioned, heated life.  Rainy days are close and the ceiling is low and I feel nurtured by nature, and sometimes those bright sunny days can be a hoax, distant and ethereal, accidentally pointing out how imperfect life is.  I’ve had days from hell that were gorgeous, and rainy days where my heart soared, so what logic is there in seeking only the sunny day?  Okay, there is an implied joy in the cerulean sky, and yes, rainy days can be dreary, but weather in general, good or bad, reminds me of the larger forces in our lives.  I feel grateful to be here and to have the chance to experience the weather, that whatever it is I am glad to have.  Weather reminds me of the existence of the sky, and of the earth, and a higher power beyond us.  It even reminds me of love because we seek each other out when the weather is really “good” and really “bad”.  So when folks whine that the sun must come out or that it might rain, or whatever, I ignore it because it is all so good to me.