My neighbor’s boy, a kindergartner, threw back his head, smiled ear to ear, wrapped his arms around his mom’s neck, then ran over and hopped onto the school bus.  She said he couldn’t stop glowing over his new library card!  So from now on he can take out library books EVERY WEEK! EVERY WEEK!  It is apparently a joy and a miracle this gift of his first library card, and he shares it with his mom, who says he smiles and remarks about it often! It’s just a wild guess, but I bet she reads to him often.

I can see that God puts joy and hope and love in every child’s heart, and it is up to those of us granted the privilege to care for them to nurture and preserve those gifts.  Jump up and down and celebrate the new library card!  Share in the joy of the moment.  Nurture the idea that life is good and good things happen.  Start early and do it often and show your child how to celebrate being alive with joy in your heart that can be shared.