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When my kids were little, and hey, even today with teenagers, sometimes at the end of the day I tell myself what I most need to hear.  I tell myself that what I accomplished today was that I’d been a mom all day.  That my kids were fed and safe and loved and that I’d done all that myself.  Well, with the support of my husband.

It’s not about what didn’t happen, it’s about what did happen.  For me, I know that not every parent can accomplish these things.  Not every parent can convey the love in their hearts to their children in the course of a day, and it is needed, desperately needed by our children.  Children cannot thrive without it.  So when the day is over, and the beds never got made and the laundry never got folded and so many things were left undone, know that it is temporary, and for now, showing our love to our children in whatever way we can is far more important, even if that is all that can get done in a day.