So on a second beautiful day at the beach I waded in the waves and thanked God for my life.  I always do that.  No one else was there because, well, it is October and no one else had the idea to go swimming.  So I felt alone with the ocean.  And it seems like God itself because it is so imposing, and possibly somehow directly connected to the higher power that is responsible for our lives.  I thank God for my life because I am capable of doing good things, and I am doing them.

Looking out at the ocean inspires me to reflect on my life and what I am doing with it, noting the good and then forgiving myself for what I don’t get right.  Maybe I am warming up for New Year’s Eve.  That’s when I actively review my year, praising myself for all the good that I did, and forgiving myself for all the goofy things that seemed so right in the moment but later, not so much.