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We were sitting in the front row of a presentation yesterday at a college visit in Maryland, when my son, Andrew, and I heard a voice from the back of the room, asking a question of the presenter. The voice was so familiar we looked at each other and smiled….what is SHE doing here? It was the voice of a long time family friend who is now a college graduate living in Chicago and working in improvisational theatre. I met her when she was in fifth grade, and she and her siblings grew up next to my children because our families worked and played together for years. So her voice is perfectly clear to us.

But of course, when we turned around to look, it wasn’t Emily at all. Why would it be? But what was this unfamiliar girl doing with Emily’s voice? This has happened to me before, finding someone’s voice on a stranger, and when it does, I just feel that God must have had a finite number of voices and had to repeat some of the good ones.

So it got me thinking about hearing Emily’s voice, and how nice that would be. And that I should call her and see how Emily is doing. And about how I called my nephew last week to wish him a happy birthday, but I had to leave a message, and I know he is not inclined to return that call. That’s how it is in my extended family. But that is okay, because I feel pretty sure that if I do call Emily, and tell her this story, or even leave her a message about the story of her voice being so good it is out in the world twice over, she will return the call and we’ll talk and catch up, and I’ll be grateful I had a reminder at the college visit to reconnect with this dear family friend.

Managing relationships is not so natural for me, so a moment like this, is golden.