I took a walk with my dog today. This is not unusual for me since the two of us walk every day. But today was different because it was I who needed the walk. It is a magical thing that happens sometimes. Just getting outside, walking through the woods and seeing the fall colors, renews my spirit. I cover a lot of territory with myself during a walk like this, mulling over issues that I need to figure out, and thinking through things that are bothering me.

Today I notice that the same issue keeps coming up in my mind and it remains present and insists on being heard. So as I walk, I walk through the points of concern and arrange them for myself. It is not a big deal, but it is not going away either.

I guess I am trying to tell myself something with this nagging issue. I guess I better deal with it so it goes away and I can spend my walk time on something easier and more fun. Like maybe daydreaming about Thanksgiving dinner.