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Delight!  Delight to get a plastic fork to stab the macaroni and eat by himself.  Zachary ate his dinner by himself and thrilled me because the last time I got to see this little guy, when he was not even a year old, he was having his rice cereal crammed into his mouth as he spit it out just as fast!  He wasn’t walking or saying words either as he is now, just doing little signs with his hands.  And now, at fourteen months old he has turned into a little boy, not a baby anymore.

My children’s babysitter has grown up and had a child of her own, and I get to babysit HIM later this week! Seeing firsthand how what we learn as children is applied when we are adults is fascinating. My babysitter is a parent now, and in some measure I influenced her in that role by being a mother who employed her to watch my kids when they were little. There’s a thrill in seeing her as a parent, watching her make decisions and seeing her own joy and delight in her boy. I am not her aunt or her big sister or any kind of relative at all, but I sure feel it.

There is nothing but joy in all of this for me.