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This is the same day that I sat on a bench, outside, by the salty water, with head in hands, feeling alone but also wondering if there was anyone out there who heard me.

This is the same day I felt sorry my aunt is suddenly gone, and the thoughts of so many fun things we did together quite fresh, and therefore tough to swallow as the last ones we’ll share.

This is the same day I am glad, so very glad, that we did what we did when we did it. So very glad she took us all, maybe fifteen of us, to that cool Moroccan restaurant in D.C., just because she could and just because we were all together and just because we were having a great time on a family trip she and I masterminded. So very glad we spent the time tracking down any neighbor who would let us use their low lying dock so my elderly aunt could get herself into the canoe. That way the three kayaks and one canoe, the flotilla we called it, could start its expedition with her on board, to see herons and ospreys, and other wondrous sights of nature along the canals of salty waters, on a hot summer day. So very glad we rearranged our schedules, several times to be sure, to be together for the ‘spa day’ with the girls among us, to soak our feet, and paint our toes, and have fun drinks, together. So very glad we put on Pilgrim’s clothes and ate our turkey with laughter and joy, a year ago.

So very glad we did what we did when we did it.