I just got home from attending the most hilarious high school theater production I’ve ever seen, and it felt great. Being exposed to someone else’s ideas can end up affecting how you feel. That is the power of words. The words in the show were strung together so cleverly that we, collectively as an audience, were laughing so hard people were actually shrieking, and then the whole way home our carload retold the silliest parts, and laughed all over again. Now I feel lighter and happier and who knows, maybe more open to new ideas.

That’s why I love words so much. They are that powerful. Depending which ones are put next to which other ones, and then how they are delivered, can change everything.

Which brings me to saying that the words we use every day are just as significant. Carelessness in our words, or an absence of words may deliver messages that are unintended – that our children or spouses are unappreciated or unwanted.

Just as easily, carefulness or consciousness in our words can introduce those around us to the very best parts of being alive.

Tell me what you think…