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It is so convenient that every 24 hours we get another chance to try it all again. To try to be the person we dreamed of. Yesterday I wished I was so clever I could reach the girl who refused my help in English class. How great that would be to understand just what each person needs to be inspired to grow, and how we might contribute to that.

So today the young lady was in class again but seemed much happier and completely engaged in her work. We smiled at one another and I asked, “Are you any more in the mood for my help today?” “Nope,” she replied.

I have to ask her because clearly something happened overnight to change her attitude and therefore it is completely plausible that today, being a new day, she is open to things she was not yesterday.

It is important to consider that since somewhere along the line kids frequently learn to eat vegetables, and learn to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and all the other steps in growing up, you never know which day is the first day of that new way of being. Deciding yesterday that this girl was unreachable is a disservice to her. Every day I am open to the possibility that we will work together, and every day I will consider that today is the first day of that new collaboration. If it never happens, that is fine, because there are many children who indeed are open to learning about topic sentences, and if it is not her it will be someone else. But I’ll keep asking.