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After the open house last night where I reported to 27 separate preschools my hope of speaking to the preschool parents they know, I came home excited about the teachers and administrators I met there. Many, like me, value the role we as adults play in children’s lives. Thank you all for being there and to the organizers of such a worthwhile gathering for putting it together, and for welcoming me.

Maybe you will go to my outline above, see my videos and invite me in to speak to your group. Consider inviting your preschool parents, mother’s group, and parent’s clubs to visit this blog, look around, and let you know whether they might like to hear from me in person. I am a stay-at-home mom for twenty years now, excited about reporting back to the younger generation the wonderful things that happen when parents are actively responsive to their children, taking advantage of the greatest opportunity of their childrens’ lifetime, the preschool years, to inspire healthy development and to build a relationship with them that lasts forever.

I love doing this and I’d love to meet your group.

Did you like meeting me and am I the kind of speaker you might have in?