Ten years ago I went right back and told the guy I disliked the cut and that I felt 80 years old in it, and what did he recommend. Turns out he recommends letting him have the chance to fix his mistake by having me in once a month for a free haircut/trim until I leave saying I like it. That worked out to be about six months of haircuts. I went along with this idea because he was taking responsibility for my unhappiness and offering to learn what I do like.

I stayed with Steve and his great hair cutting skills for years, but when he left town I was faced with the same problem again. A new hairdresser and a haircut I do not like (and really, how can I stand in front of parents of preschoolers talking about my life if I feel like I look extraordinarily funny?). Curly thick hair is a little tricky to get right so once again I am quite unhappy. This time however the hairdresser not only charged me for the bad coif, she blamed me. The picture I brought in of myself in my favorite ‘do’ did not suffice she said, because she couldn’t see the back. She also said I looked dated in it anyway, and my head looked too wide, and she would not want me to advertise to the world that she had been responsible for giving me such a look. That is when I should have left. Instead I trusted her when she said she would do it anyway. She didn’t do it anyway, she did something SHE liked.

Now I will wait for the hair to grow back, watch curiously to see whether people say they like it or not, and wonder where to go for the next butchering.

Sure miss my guy, Steve.

P.S. This is one of those entries that seem pretty irrelevant, but I post it in the vein of David Letterman who used to say, many years ago when he was new on the network, that since it was the middle of the night and no one was watching anyway, it didn’t really matter WHAT he said…..