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One of the greatest things in life, I have witnessed so far, is the ability of people to change who they are. We absolutely have the power to do that. We are not stuck with who we are today. I know because I have worked hard to become better than who I used to be. Now I try to inspire others. Having a heart open to new ideas and to a new way of seeing the world is worth a mountain in my mind. Here is a letter from a mother I met this week at my talk to a group of women of preschool children, and I feel she is a great example of someone open to becoming even better. This is an unexpected and delightful Christmas gift to me.

Hi Jane,
I just feel compelled to write to you, to thank you for your inspirational talk that you gave at the MOPS meeting this past Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and your words really hit home to me. I think I was really in a spot in my life that I needed to digest your words, it’s been a struggle the past few months with my infant son not sleeping very well – and my other two toddlers needing me every minute of the day. I thank you for your words of encouragement, and the fact that “this is the only childhood that your child will have…so make it memorable.” Those words will forever resonate in my head from this week on – reminding me of my most important job. The fact that you were willing to open up your life to a room full of strangers, to provide your thoughtful advice, simply for the benefit of other mothers, is truly amazing. In my experience, many times other women have offered advice regarding parenting, both solicited and non-solicited, and most times this advice comes across judgmental and critical. Thank you for being the total opposite, your gently delivered message of ‘seize the moment’ really hit home. I could not stop talking about your visit with my family and my husband.

I am now a faithful follower of your blog! I will also encourage all the mothers in my life to do so as well.