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I was the only person I knew of for whom the snoring of their spouse was not a problem. Nope, doesn’t bother me. Once in a while I had to suggest to him, in the dark of the night, that maybe he could roll over so that he might change his tune, but otherwise it never mattered. It was loud, it was floppy sounding, it was the stuff of stories after the cub scout camp outs, and yes, it sometimes scared small children that slept at our house, but it never bothered me.

Then twenty-five years into our marriage I learned that all that snoring might be a sign of trouble and I urged him to get it checked out. In no time he brought home a CPAP machine ordered by his doctor and the snoring came to an abrupt stop.

The first night I couldn’t sleep. The machine made no noise at all, nor did my man. I couldn’t bear the quiet. Where was everyone? Where was Mike? Apparently, who would have guessed it, but I liked the snoring. Maybe I even needed it. I was exhausted by the arrival of his medical treatment. After a few more restless nights I asked him to consult with his doctor about the effects on spouses and what they did to cope.

Turns out I am the only one who does not appreciate the sudden silence of their bed mate.