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The end of the year is coming and I love it. I love the recap of the social and political and cultural events because they give me perspective. It’s hard to feel as if I have made any progress in my life or done anything that matters, but when I see the advancement of the world around me I feel my own relative accomplishments. Not that everything that’s recapped at the end of the year constitutes an advancement, but I can feel the marking of time when I see that it was just earlier this year that I witnessed the rise of individuals in a foreign land to topple their government, or that it was only six months ago that a revered political figure made an ass out of him or her self, or that a thought-provoking film I enjoyed and felt inspired by was only three months ago and already I have failed to live up to the inspirations I felt at the time. These milestones are hopeful for me because they remind me that time marches on. That now is the only moment no matter how awed or inspired or disgusted I felt back then, this is the moment I live in. What am I doing to further my own dreams? What am I doing to contribute to the betterment of society? What have I accomplished this year that speaks to my heart?

Today, and right now, are the moments I can live in and do what I want to do and be who I want to be.