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I had ideas about what I wanted to do on New Year’s day. They were things like read the newspaper in its entirety. Play a game with the whole family. Cook together. But really, the chances of my dreams coming true seemed slim, after all, my family consists of a twenty-year old son, and two teenagers, besides my husband and myself. Almost-adult kids/teenagers are not known for wanting to play games with their parents or to cook with them. I wanted to cook with them because I didn’t want to BE the cook for a family of people who were vacationing on New Year’s day. But it happened, in a wonderfully good omen for the new year, that all my dreams came true.

First, I did not hurry to make breakfast, but instead when ‘children’ inquired about when breakfast would be ready I said little. When pressed I said that I was just waiting for folks to put things together, and then mentioned that I had cut up fruit and Dad was making bacon. Eventually muffins and coffeecake were put on the table by a kid, and then another kid set the table, and then we all sat and ate. As we finished I said I’d love to play the new game we got for Christmas, but my eldest countered with a request to play a card game he had learned. Sure! So we did. He taught the rest of us how to play and we sat there enjoying a card game together for an hour! This may not seem like much, but it is, as I said, a dream come true. Yeah! When that was done I said we’d all probably like to try it again, the card game that is, after dinner now that we knew how to do it. Then I suggested we get a consensus on what dinner should be and who would make each part. I offered up two choices, we voted, then volunteered, and voila, just after reading three days worth of newspapers another dream came true. We made dinner in record time since there were five of us doing it.

Afterward we loaded the tea cart with everything to make ice cream sundaes because we hadn’t had any holiday sweets in hours, and then we played cards and ate ice cream sundaes.
Thank you whoever is in charge….I LOVED THIS NEW YEAR’S DAY.