I met my sister-in-law’s new beau, Fred, and kind of liked him. Besides being mild-mannered and genuine, he was quite present in our family conversations where he was meeting lots of people for the first time. He serendipitously (is that a word?) brought up the topic of inspirational speakers because he’d just been to a business team-building event that featured five of them. He talked about how they differed and what he took away from their talks. Two of them he could not even recall…

“Well, I am an inspirational speaker,” I told him, and before you knew it he was encouraging me to reach more people. He even talked about how to send out surveys after my talks to see how people respond so as to encourage myself! I thought that was pretty cute. I do indeed need my own inspirational speaker whispering in my ear that what I am doing is a good thing to keep doing, or I get sidetracked and think it is not.

If I am smart I will stay in touch with Fred and ask him to inspire me some more.