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As is usual for the past thirty or so years, once a week I do stretches and exercises and yoga, to reconnect with my body and see if I can still do what I could the week before, but this time a funny thing happened. I think it was a ‘downward facing dog’ kind of thing that had my head upside down, and there on the carpet came a little black square with the word ‘me’ on it! My hair is a pretty vital body part for me and so many times I discover it is carrying things I did not expect (twigs, extra bobby pins, food, the sweet smell of dinner) so I knew immediately is was a vestige of the fun night of before. “Me” that is right, it was me who finally felt up for having friends over to play. It was me who felt confident to call friends last minute to say, ‘want to come over to play a game?’ So last night it was me and eight other of us who sat around the dining room table laughing and giggling and blushing and accusing. We were trying to figure out who wrote which response to an idea suggested by the reader. ‘The Game of Things’ is how I got to know my friends even better last night, and happily learned that some of my friends really want to laugh and play and be silly with me. This is great news because it is on my goals list for the new year to play more games, to balance my life with more laughing and playing and being with friends, because I work hard and I think hard and I do hard things.

I could not be more pleased with ‘me’ for taking the steps I did yesterday to start my new year off so well surrounded by friends, in my house, laughing, and building stronger relationships.

Oh yeah, and it must have been when we were all peering into and around and under my refrigerator during our appliance class action suit discussion last night, that a piece of magnetic poetry (“me”) on the door jumped into my hair. It made it through the whole evening, I suppose, and through all my bedtime dreams, and all the way to today when I discovered it during my morning exercises. Nice.