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Sometimes I forget where I am from. Last night I glanced into the night sky, saw the constellation Orion that hung in my own personal sky back in Arden all the days of my childhood and into the days and nights of my parents’ deaths, and remembered suddenly that I am from far away and a million miles ago.

I was taken aback at that realization. SO many days have passed since I first learned of Orion’s strong belt of three stars. I was so young and so unaware of the world it hung above, then. SO many nights have come and gone since I walked the long dark lane with a sister or a brother, a parent or a boyfriend, and then stopped to point out Orion’s set of strong shoulders. I was older, wiser, yet it was still long ago. I knew so little, really. I knew nothing of the pains and sorrows of life, or the possibility I have for the joys and glories in a day. I just didn’t know. And now I do. And I suppose Orion was there the whole time. My husband, my sons, and my daughter have all walked the lane of my past and seen Orion with me under my own personal sky of Arden. They shared that with me.

But no more. My life in Arden is over now except that I keep my heart there.

It is forever and always home.

Seeing Orion, so steadfast and permanent in the sky last night, reminded me that I have come a long way from my lane in Arden. I am so unlike who I used to be, and so exactly as I was before. And only Orion told me that last night.