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Selena was always the one to get my kids to bed. She was the one they asked for on a rainy day to brighten things up. And she was the one they wanted if they were sick and couldn’ have a friend over to play. Selena was always welcome. I loved her because if kids wouldn’t brush their teeth, or wouldn’t share, or wouldn’t whatever, they’d do it for her. She batted her yellow eyes, threw back her stringy but what she believed to be magnificent ‘tresses’, and used her hefty Southern drawl to inquire about the possibility of a child doing whatever, just for her, and the thing was done. SURE, they’d do it for her. So last night when I came home from a meeting of teen mothers, trying to think of what fun I had with my kids that required virtually no funds, I remembered dear Miss Selena. I guess I took that notion to bed with me because when I woke up this morning I ran right up into the attic and threw open the trunk and there she was! Smushed, but there. I hadn’t seen this dear friend in ages and there she was waiting for me to bring her out and share her with the world.

Selena, the sock puppet, who would cringe at that description since although she is a dark brown sock with an earmuff headpiece, believes herself to be a proper Southern lady, is indeed a homemade creation that brought joy and delight to our household for years, and for free. I know she wouldn’t mind helping me inspire moms by gracing the world again with her beauty and poise and incredible intellect.