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Today is a day of celebration at my house. The great good news is that my teenagers are snarky when I ask them to help around the house. Yippee! The fantastic news in this is that apparently they are developing normally, and as is fitting for their station in life, rebelling against their parents and being inconsiderate of those around them. Hallelujah!

This reminds me of the trying times when they were little, and in particular when Andrew was little. My puppet, Moses, and he was a praying mantis, would pop up just when my patience had been tried a bit too far, and announce that it was time for prayer (that’s all Moses EVER wanted to do!). As soon as I put him on my hand and posed him in a posture of gracious prayer my words said the most helpful and amazing things. “Dear God, thank you dearly for this boy and his fantastic energy,” Moses prayed while Andrew and I bowed our heads. “Let the throwing of a plastic hammer at mommy’s head be a sign to us all that he is destined to use his energies well. That he is bound to do good in this world with this ability to fling things through the air, and in particular at objects at which he aims. Thank you God, for being the one to whom you entrusted this young soul, filled with abandon and passion and goodness. Amen.”

And with that I would feel more capable of carrying on, kindly, grateful for my dear friend, the praying mantis puppet, Moses.