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The little teeny girl I was babysitting a few nights ago realized suddenly that she’d had enough of the whole separation from mom thing, and starting wailing away. She was absolutely adorable with little brown boots that she kept kicking off, a leopard print fuzzy coat and wispy little pigtails positioned way up high. So when she started to cry I picked her up and tried to help by walking her around the nursery room we were in at her church. We visited every toy they had from the workbench full of hammers and miter boxes to the play kitchen loaded with plastic food, and on over to the blocks, and lastly to the puzzles at a table filled with working children. I narrated each scene for her and explained all the things I saw and what fun the other kids were having. I did this because I’ve found it often works to help settle babes. She didn’t find any of it interesting though, and just kept crying.

Once I ran out of toys and live kids to talk about I walked her over to a poster on the wall that had twenty-six photos of babies, each dressed to represent a letter of the alphabet. Once I started pointing to the pictures and telling which parts I liked, and why, she slowed down a little to listen. I noticed that some of the pictures were particularly interesting to her and she got extra quiet when I talked about those..the baby peeking out of a big white egg, the baby peeking out of a window, and the baby dressed as a pumpkin.

It was kind of cute how she calmed down to look at the other babies. Like herself. But who were not sad.