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Time to check in with my New Year’s resolutions to see if I am on track with my goals for the year. I just found a note in my calendar about them and realized it is time.

1) do charitable work that I feel passionate about all year long
I am building a relationship with more mom and parent groups and their leaders to help me steer myself towards this goal.

2) improve my social contacts
I made this resolution because I am challenged to get this right, that is, to build meaningful relationships outside of my immediate family. This stems from a really screwy childhood….but I am indeed doing this already this year. I spent last Saturday night playing games with family and friends, laughing together and enjoying the people around me.

3) speak to Mom’s groups more
I am working on stretching my reach on this, and last week I was told by one leader of such a group that she sees a long term relationship with me and her mothers into the future.

I think I am on track with my resolutions.