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One of my kids, when he was about four, took off all his clothes in Radio Shack one evening. Everyone there, including the gentleman helping us, thought it funny. We’d been through enough with our little guy by then to expect that the best way to handle the situation was to let him know he was supposed to wear clothes in public, and then try not to create a scene while getting him dressed. He, of course, wanted no part of our plans. We couldn’t do much more shopping with a naked child amongst us, so we did what we could to finish our mission at Radio Shack, then picked him up and carried him home.

Our boy doesn’t mind being the center of attention no matter how he gets it. Our assignment is to help him find the ways to get it that don’t get him into trouble.

Successes so far: costumes and silliness, a stage and an instrument, a video camera and Saturdays with friends, crazy haircuts, good grades, pole vaulting, doing things differently