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“Let’s not lie to each other,” is what my teacher said to the student she’d moments before asked me to help. I coach high school kids in writing class and some need encouragement just to consider accepting help. This young man was working overtime finding ways to thwart my efforts but I kept at it. Eventually she’d had enough. “What are you really doing?” she wanted to know. And eventually she took him in the hall to explain the social niceties of accepting help or politely declining it. I give her tons of credit for fighting through such a scene because I think plenty of teachers would throw up their hands, brand him as hopeless and create a classroom of nonlearning. They might not see the decent way to handle this, to try to educate the boy on his own behavior. This lady wears so many hats in a day I cannot keep up.

And she does, with a classroom full of kids, what I struggle to do with just two, at home.

So this leads me to ask, “Are we not all teachers?”