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As my son pole vaulted for the school track team today I couldn’t help but remember all the times he loved to put on uniforms when he was little. Ever since he was small he could not resist the thrill of a uniform including the pirate costume at Halloween, the ‘worker man’ outfit with the toy toolbox and jeans on a rainy day, and the Indian costume with the loin cloth and the ‘warpaint’ applied with markers. It was clear early on this was his desire, an appreciation of a look, an aesthetic, unlike the other two kids. He has been expressing himself in this way since he was old enough to put on the tutu and cowboy boots at the same time and go out to Burger King to show it off. He’s a guy who likes clothes and looks great in them.

Today it is all about the varsity track uniform and the way he sails into the air looking fantastic in it. He is himself today, and has been all along.

Love seeing him find new ways to be who he is.