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It was nearly fifteen years ago today that we headed out to the hospital, lurching behind school buses that stopped every few feet to pick up elementary school children, me clutching my big tummy and explaining to my husband that I might have cut this one a little too short. For our third child I preferred to labor at home minimizing the time spent with doctors and nurses and the possibility of IV’s and other threats I feared. But we made it in time and he dropped me off at the emergency room entrance and I waddled inside. Someone found me hugging a wall while breathing through the late stage contractions and ushered me upstairs to the maternity ward. Twenty minutes later my husband had finally located me and the doctor was saying he’d made it just in time. Before we knew it they were handing me a tiny babe and announcing, “It’s a girl.”

I truly felt as if God had smiled on me that day. I adored my two little boys because they had been miracles in my life I never could have understood beforehand, but to be handed a girl was a different kind of dream come true. It meant the possibility of having someone in my life who I could see myself in as she grew. Who might help me grow too, as I was to watch the unfolding of someone who faced life with all the issues a girl would have. I wondered what I had done that let God be so kind to me.

I thanked him then and I thank him again today because he so kindly handed me the girl. She has brought me joy as I see her develop into someone with daring and self-confidence, fears, and delights, that show me daily what it is to be alive. She shows me what it is to be the daughter with a mother who cares and loves her right out loud as I wish my mother could have done. She shows me daily that I have become the kind of mother I wished for, and therefore she too might someday become. She shows me daily that I have grown and done better than I might have without her.

Thank you God for granting me this girl.