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Even though Dad used to always say, “You’ll get over it,” whenever I had a problem, because it was easier than helping me, he was right. Most things that were problems then I am now over.

But really, headaches were a regular part of my life growing up. I tried aspirin and laying down to get rid of them but that didn’t usually help. I can see now the headaches were all about stress and lack of control and denying myself my true feelings. They were a way to control my uncontrollable world. They were my best effort to take care of myself because no one else really was.

Now, with my own kids, I take headaches quite seriously. We start with water in case they’re dehydrated, but then we talk about whatever they want, in case their lives are terrible, and I accidentally failed to notice.

To read a story from my childhood, click on the heading at the top of the page entitled, “You’ll Get Over It, Jane Ellen”. In Chapter 10, “You Could Get Electrocuted Doing That”, you can read about the thrilling afternoon on the lake that inspired one of my headaches.