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I asked my husband the other day if he thought we’d ever lied to each other. We learned on the “Survivor” finale Sunday night that the long-lasting marriage of one competitor, Tarzan, and his wife, was supposedly due to not ever having lied to one another. It has never occurred to me that lying to my husband could be a means to something. It just never did, because it never could be.
And anyway, with me being Jane, my husband has sometimes suffered being called Tarzan.

Telling the truth is second nature to me when it comes to my husband because if I don’t tell him the truth I don’t have a lot of other options for being honest. If I lied right in my own home I’d be shutting down some opportunities I just can’t get anywhere else. I really need Tarzan to be my ally and life partner, so being honest about everything that matters is all I’ve got. I have not lied to him about anything that matters.

And according to my guy, he didn’t think we’d lied to each other, either.