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It’s gotten to the point where every time I see my son in the house I get nostalgic about him leaving home for the upcoming year. I go to him and hug him and say I am storing up such moments. And I’m trying to get him to store up some moments himself. Yesterday I told him to try to capture the spirit in the house as it was just then, to smell the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies wafting up our noses, to hear his sister’s sweet piano playing lilting through the house, to note his father working in the yard and me hugging him, dripping wet, just recently out of the pool. Hang on to this moment I told him, and call it forth in a few months when you are far from home wondering if you’ve done the right thing, or just thinking longingly of us, which I know you will surely do. Hold this moment dear and appreciate it now, so it can be in your head to be enjoyed again later, again, if need be. Know that your loving family is still in place, wishing you well, loving you from afar.

This kiddo has been inspiring me as a parent for as long as we’ve had him in our lives. When he was in preschool he prompted me to explain my love for him and to tell him, then as well, that I hold him in my heart all the time. To see my post about this go to February 11, 2012 My Spirited Child.