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I actually believed, once I reached adulthood, that there was a worldwide conspiracy wherein people claimed that having kids was a delight and a joy when it really wasn’t. I truly thought that people who had kids hated it so much that they pretended it was wonderful so others would do it too and then they’d all be in the same boat together. Miserable. Really. I really thought that. Based on my experience to that point it looked to me as if people had children only because they fell for the social lie that it was a good thing.

In case you haven’t read anything else about me you might need to know that I was raised in significant isolation, and also that my parents weren’t too excited about having five kids.

A few very intense years of psychotherapy helped me see the world in a new way and I came to recognize parenthood for the great opportunity that it is. I am genuinely thrilled about the role I have as a parent today. That is one of the many reasons I love telling young parents, moms especially, all about the power they hold, and the value of being present and aware every day they have with their children.