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My pup ate half a box of salt water taffy, wrappers and all, tonight. She waddled around being large and ill, unable to get comfortable since her tummy was distended. My husband and I are pros at getting her to throw up since she regularly ingests things like bars of soap, lemon-scented steel wool pads, chocolate bars, and anything else that’s laying around and smells good. She’s a hound so her nose is fantastic but as you can see she is handicapped in the common sense department.

We forced a couple of teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide down her throat and so then she obliged to show us just what she’d swallowed. She felt better and wanted her dinner after all. Now she’s tired and is sacked out on the couch next to my husband who is also sacked out on the couch.

Some days are like that. Just kind of hard.