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Maybe because I had a childhood that felt devoid of meaningful relationships I have placed undue meaning on some of the objects I have brought with me from my childhood to today. It might be the reason separating the parent’s estate after they die is so difficult, because we might place undue meaning on objects.

Recently I decided I did not gain anything by imparting so much meaning to these things, such as furniture my mother gave to me from her own childhood, and stock certificates my father gave me when I was young. They are weighing me down as such so I give them away or cash them in, or otherwise remove the power they hold over me, freeing me up in a sense.

Maybe if we spend our children’s childhoods engaging with them in meaningful ways that show our love such that our children can feel it and thrive in it, there will be little reason for them to squabble over our stuff later in life. They will carry with them all the joy and meaning they could possibly need from their parents, without surrogates for that, our old and expendable things.