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Just about a year ago I put up the post below about my Aunt Gretchen and how much I missed her last Thanksgiving. I felt like posting it again today since the sentiment remains. I do not have any relatives when it comes to Thanksgiving. My husband’s family comes in and we have a wonderful time, and I AM so grateful for all of them, but it was my aunt, with her husband, who did come from my side of the family and share the day, and frankly, many days with us. Boy, do I miss her.

I am thrilled to say that my son, Emmett, is coming home for the holiday, and with a girlfriend. This is exciting news for me because it means that one of the goals I set for myself eons ago, to build a happy family where I didn’t have one yet, continues to come true. Having one additional person at the table inspired by my son, delights me because it is proof that in a way my family is growing.

Thanksgiving 2011
Not to bring you down or anything, but I have been having some trouble just getting through these holiday-type days here. For instance, in the middle of making dinner a few nights now I have put my head down on the counter and suddenly started crying because my dear aunt is permanently missing and I have not accidentally forgotten yet. It could have been that I locked myself out of my car today at 7:15am and had to go to class with not a thing in my hands, and then the rest of the day kind of followed that general trend of not-so-greatness, but really, I think it’s about Aunt Gretchen. Instead, tonight the family pitched in and took over so I could cry more comfortably in the living room next to the blankets and pillows and snuggly pets and junk tv. I was brought toast and cookies, unable to manage any joy for the chicken soup I’d made for myself, and I wallowed there a while trying to count my blessings since there are many.