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Often I see situations where parents have the opportunity to influence their kids and I wonder how they learn to do what they do. Some of us have great role models who show us in our own childhoods how to be a parent, and others must watch the world around us to find out the answers to parenting questions. I learned how to be a decent parent in many ways including from my own parents, but more importantly from modeling I saw in others. One of the things I value most is the effort to teach kids in a way that preserves who they are, you know, that doesn’t beat the child down so that you can’t even find the child inside anymore. If you impose your will hard enough you can get a compliant child who doesn’t know who he is or what direction to head in life after childhood is over. Being a parent who appreciates the child inside is my favorite kind because it shows respect for the little one and restraint as the more powerful person in the relationship.

I just had to share this link to a lady who talks about all kinds of parenting issues and how to help kids grow up emotionally healthy.

I love it!