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The chapter in the book on spiritual discernment I am reading (figuring out what you really want to do with your life) suggested I put the book down and imagine for a moment some dream I have ever had and whether it came true.

Well, twenty minutes later I regained consciousness and wished I’d had a way of capturing the wonderful story I had just told myself. It was the story of how I once dreamed there would be people in my life who knew me and cared about me and deliberately came to my door just to see me! What a crazy dream it was. You see, I grew up in such isolation, both physical and emotional, that that was literally the dream, that someone might seek me out because I had somehow reached them and they remembered me.

Today it is indeed true. People have called me simply to see how I am, or what I am up to, not to mention show up at the door just to see me, and this is a phenomenon of once I only dreamed.

So the story I told myself was all about how I want to share that possibility of change with other people, and tell them how I did that. How I managed to figure out how to go from someone essentially afraid of other humans to one who embraces and loves others to the point that they share that back with me. It was and continues to be a long hard road of encouraging myself to take the tiny baby steps towards change that make real things come about. I really want to share that with folks and in part because of my spiritual discernment class which I have attended only once, I am already dreaming new dreams of what I will have come true next.