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Being open, that’s the thing. That’s the thing I just wish all the parents of the world could be. Today I heard a high school senior explain that her parents had no interest or understanding in the things she was attracted to as she was growing up, but they were excited about learning with her. She said they were open to the idea that opera and history, her interests not theirs, might be worth exploring. She felt few expectations on her to be or do anything in particular, but at the same time her folks wanted her to bring them along on her discoveries so they could be there to help her make the most of them.

This is wonderful to me, and really, this young lady seems pretty comfortable in her own skin, just what I dream of for all kids. To be able to grow as they will with adults nearby supporting them in the things they love.

Maybe you have to have your own sense of security not to be threatened by your child being their own person.