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As the year winds down I’d just like to say thanks for reading this blog. Did you know that the average post that I write takes about 90 minutes to put together?! And I love every minute of it. All attempts to stop myself from spending hours crafting sentences, in an effort to share my feelings, have failed. Apparently this is what I like to do. And it brings me delight to see folks stop by to see what I’ve done and leave comments to tell me your reactions. Thank you sincerely for being part of the fun. I appreciate my readers very much.

At the end of every year I like looking back and remembering all the really goofy things I did that I regret, and there are many, and then forgiving myself once again for being human. This year the most notable thing I did that I regret is not follow my intuition when it was screaming at me to listen. Sometimes my head overrules my sensibilities and I do things that make me cringe later. Ah well.

Happily I listened to myself plenty this year, like when I took myself back to the writer’s group meetings and found kindred spirits who missed me and said so! I faced fears about letting go of the past, and letting go of things. I sold stock my father gave me I’d held for years because I want to enjoy it now and not go to my grave with a wad of stock to my name. I let go of junk in my house that means nothing and is forgotten as soon as it leaves. I confronted those who did not treat me well. I faced fears of letting go of people who do not seem to want to be in my life anyway. I let hope go so I can carry on less encumbered, so I can free up my spirit to have more room to do what feels right. And anyway I have places to go and things to do and dreams to realize. I hold my own hand as I face more fears in the upcoming year.

I trust myself that this is a good road to take only because I keep doing it and because it feels good. Listening to myself and hearing my own voice, trusting that what I imagine is good because I am good, gives me strength to carry on down my own path. I love the end of the year because I do stop and think about what I have accomplished. Sometimes I forget to look back and count blessings, and tally my successes and see my growth so I can enjoy today and bring more of this into the next year. So thank goodness for the calendar ending and a new one beginning. And thank goodness for all of you out there spurring me on.