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I can tell when I watch American Idol that some people do not have songs in their hearts but instead have dollars signs in their eyes. And when the judges detect no singing ability there, the contestants leave mad, their dreams of becoming rich quick shattered. In the best sense of it the show is about having a story to tell and telling it artistically and passionately, articulately and eagerly, and when that is the case, no kind of money can change those well-sung truths.

The more I watch American Idol, and I mean over ten years running now, the more I dare myself to be as bold as the people on that show. The more time goes by the closer I feel to being ready myself to face the judges. For me it is not a singing competition. It really isn’t a competition at all. And there are really no judges beyond myself. For me it is about being brave enough to finish my book and share my story. I take steps every day toward realizing that dream and so watching American Idol serves to inspire me.

If you know anything about writing you know that there are reasonably no dollars signs in my eyes. The truth is that there is a song in my heart, and when I am ready I plan to be one of the ones singing well.