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I am working on my marriage today. Not that it really needs anything special but it is time. I am not that great at finding good gifts for people, you know, at the store, but sometimes I find a good gift at home, in the living room, where the vacuuming is really needed. I worry about gifts that you buy since I have a lot of things in my life already and I don’t like adding more. It’s tricky. I know, my folks gave a lot of presents, they gave me a beach house for Pete’s sake, but their presents were not what I needed. And I grew up around seriously wealthy people who seemed to have everything you could ever want, and I am not sure that is working out so well either. But there is always that thing we cannot buy that makes a great gift. The time.

My guy is wonderful and he does great things like decide one day to put in recessed lighting because he knows how. The problem is that it makes a giant mess what with all the spackling and sanding of the ceiling afterward. So to show my appreciation for the hours of work it took to improve our home, I take the job I know my guy will do, the clean up, but that he will be thrilled to see I have done for him. And anyway, shouldn’t we dust once in a while? Like behind the sofa and into the corners. So that’s what I am doing today because finally I got a day off from work and noticed the place is a mess. That is, all except for that great new lighting in the living room.

I am taking the time to tell my man that I like it that he did that cool job on the lights, by sprucing the place up just to celebrate and to make sure he knows I think he’s terrific.