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Today I stepped next door and let myself into my neighbor’s house calling, ‘Hello’, as I entered. It is Friday morning and I am trying to catch my neighbor’s year-round Friday morning breakfast for friends .

It’s hard though. It’s hard for me to step over the line in my head that suggests I should not do this wonderful fun thing. After all I meet nice people, learn new things and get good food, so there are many reasons why it is a fine idea to do this. But convincing myself to do it is frequently hard.

I have trouble muscling past the reflex I have to be alone. It seems like it is a result of my isolated upbringing where the default position is to prefer keeping one’s own company over that of others. No kidding. I actually have to talk myself through the ideas of why I should get out of my aloneness and go be with others.

I am proud of myself for getting this right today. I actually almost didn’t go though because I let other things get in the way, and then, whoops, time was almost up and folks would be leaving to go back to their homes. But then I challenged myself and said, How’s it going to feel if you literally do not take this opportunity to get over there? It could be a long quiet day as a writer at the beach if you don’t see anyone for twelve hours.

Teach your kids to socialize or they may love being alone so much they can’t stop themselves. Just saying, could happen.