On American Idol they gave a new car to two ‘hometown mentors’ on the finale of the show recently! I LOVED this. Each of the final two contestants was asked to name the most influential person back home who helped them succeed. And these two young ladies are not very old! But one cited her grandmother and the other a surrogate big brother, a musician friend.

Both mentors were recognized as the support behind the voice. Being a support to someone for no reason other than you believe in them or you love them or care about them, is reason enough in my book. It is a truth I love that we are supported by unseen faces every day. We carry the voices of our loved ones and those who do us wrong everywhere we go. The idea that these two young ladies were able to point to individuals they value greatly and appreciate for their role is one of the sweet fruits of the earth to me.

Maybe I like this so much because I was surprised to learn what support was once I got some. I thought I was getting it as a kid and I thought I knew what it was, but once I felt actual effort on the part of someone who cared about me, I saw something very different and I liked it. So as a result, I am actively out here trying to support anyone in my path. I am a cheerleader for the students in my classroom at the high school, for my piano students in my home, for my own children, for my nephews whose mom is gone, for my neighbors, the folks at church, you name it, if you are in front of me I might be leading a cheer for you.