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If you are a Les Miserables fan you may appreciate this Father’s Day gift our daughter gave my husband yesterday that had his face turning red, him going mute, and wiping tears off his nose.

When the kids were small I had them start a little bound notebook full of birthday and Father’s Day wishes that they would write in instead of buying him cards. The pages are filled with drawings and stickers and scrawlings, and eventually block printing and then script handwriting, all espousing his virtues.

This year, pasted in the book, are the lyrics to our sixteen-year old daughter’s gift, an audio file. And I know it took her all day to make. The audio file was of her singing, and she doesn’t do that usually. HE is the one who sings, and often, and quite well. It is his secret skill that only those of us in this family know about. He sings really well. So this time, SHE sang to him, and she sang his favorite song. It’s the one he is always breaking into at any provocation,’Stars’ from Les Miserables, the one where Javert vows to the night sky that he will fulfill his mission in life. Only she changed all the words to proclaim her own mission in life, one that results from her father’s mission in life.

Here it is, with both of their permission:

(to the tune of ‘Stars’ from Les Miserables:

There, out on the sofa
My father lies sleeping
Out like a light
Out like a log
Mom be my witness
He’s worked very hard
In Malvern today
In Malvern today

He deserves to have rest
He works so hard for his kin
And those who obey the words of my dad
They always will win
But if they hear
When my father snores
They’ll run away
They’ll run away!

With your witicisms
Scarce to be counted
Filling the dinner table
With laughing and love
You are the perfect dad
Silent and sure
Keeping watch over me
Keeping watch over me

You want to help me do well
You want to help me succeed
In sports, school, or life as a whole
You’re there to explain
And if I need to ask you for help
You never complain!

And so it is sung and so it is written
In your Father’s Day chronicle
That I love you so very much
Each day I live

Please let me help him
That I may praise him
In all that I do
I will never rest
Till then
This I swear
This I swear by the stars!