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We are married thirty years as of yesterday so I took a look in my journal where I keep notes on my anniversaries of years past. I started this on our honeymoon and now update it every September.

Last year we went to see a movie called “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. It’s a movie about love. And about relationships. And about how those two things are as valid to one individual and how they experience them as they are to another. In other words, everyone gets their own chance to have these treasures. Even the very poor, as depicted in this movie, have the same strong meaningful love for one another as anyone does. Their poverty does not diminish the power of the love they share and the relationships they hold.

That is because these are God-given human emotions that are the same for all regardless of social class. Sometimes having fewer material things makes the things we do have more evident.

Staying married to the same guy thirty years is a little old-fashioned, I know, but of all the relationships I have had in my life, this, and those with my kids, are the ones that feel the most real.