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I am loved, no more worthy and no less worthy than any other person.The breezes of the beach are unconditional. They wash over me and I bask in these winds that gently caress.

My real life, the one where I have to think and do and decide and care, is far away now. I get up early to walk along the sand while people are sleeping, but I am in the loving arms of God down by the shore.

Sometimes I ask why it has to be the way it is and he says it does not. Go change it. But today I ask why things have to be the way they are and he says because it is best. I have to let my sister, who has left me, go, because it is best.

And I know he is right.

My dog who is beautiful and perfect sits by me while I talk to God. And she says that whatever I think is right, is right.