I have been shown six times how to download photos from my camera to my computer so I might post them on this blog. But I just spent too much time at it this morning and am giving it up for the moment, unable to remember what to do. I have some really cool pictures of giant outdoor sculptures from Storm King Art Center in upstate New York I know you’d want to see.

That is how learning is though. I can only absorb so much at a time before my brain shuts down and says it’s had enough. Those two-hour classes where you learn how to operate your iPhone are too much for me because after the first ten minutes I have heard all I can hear without confusion setting in.

So when I am in the classroom or in front of my piano students I try to remember that learning is not linear. You do not hear something new once and forever after know it. If that were the case you would be looking at Maya Lin’s Storm King Wavefield right now!

Learning is the result of building new highways among the neurons, retreading the same paths so frequently that one can skip along them instead of repeatedly bushwhacking the new trail.

Wish me luck, I’ll be asking again how to post photos. Maybe next time.