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This year I sat in on just about every class for AP English Language and Composition in our high school. I am the theme reader for the class, kind of a writing coach, and so I review all the written papers the kids do and make comments and corrections to support the teacher’s lessons. He’s a pretty great teacher (Teacher of the Year, 2014) so I feel especially lucky to have had the pleasure of watching him impart his wisdom all year long. Recently he shared with the class this great TED talk on vulnerability by Brene’ Brown.
She gets it exactly right, and with legitimate scientific research, which I always think is a great boon to support the things we already know deep down to be true. In other words, this lady is smart.

Sometimes fear runs my life and I cannot stop it. I am afraid of not being able to accomplish what I want, and I end up taking the fear with me to sabotage what it is I am afraid I cannot accomplish, thus not accomplishing it because fear is in the way…

Recently I’ve watched this video on vulnerability and being authentic as an antidote to my fears.